Waste Flower
Kranssi Workshop


Join us for a WASTE FLOWER Kranssi Workshop! 

For two years, we have been organising discussions on the topic of sustainable floristry at Mu Filosofia; this year, instead of discussion, we would like to celebrate waste flowers by making the most out of them, encouraging more people to work with them and feel them with one’s own hands. During the two years of running Mu as a flower shop, we have saved an incredible amount of wasted fresh flowers, and have tried to dry every possible type of flowers we bought from wholesalers. The process of drying them is such a great learning experience about nature and the outcome is stunning. We can’t wait to share with you more about these waste flowers we saved, and we thought that the best way to start using them is to make something simple and easy with them. So during this workshop, we will let the creativity flow and make a kranssi with them. 

Here’s the details of the workshop:

Detail and ticket:

– Time: 21.10.2021. 18.00-19.30
– Venue: Mu Filosofia Hämeentie 2B 00530
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– What’s included:

    1. Flower materials needed for the kranssi; all waste flower materials naturally dried at Mu;
    2. Kranssi base made from bamboo; all the tools with be available;
    3. One tea and tea snack;
    4. Surprise mini gift package.

We will start by a short intro about waste flowers, which will be followed by a demo and a making session. Tea will be served towards the end; finished work can be taken home.

October is a great time for bringing up your creativity, and welcome to unleash it with us at Mu!