Wonders of Ikebana Workshop


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Time: 18.4.2024 15:00-16:30
Venue: Mu Filosofia, Hämeentie 2B, 00530

This workshop is particularly inspired by Japanese aesthetics and ikebana practice.

The word “Ikebana” is usually translated as “flower arrangement”,but a more accurate interpretation would be “living plant material” arrangement. It is the art of arranging more than flowers. A few of the main differences can be quickly noted about ikebana approach to flowers, one might need a different way of thinking about flowers and about arranging them. The full-blown flower, the half-open bud and the tight bud used in ikebana symbolise past, present and future. Here, the significance of the whole flower cycle is emphasised. What you see in a single flower or a branch used, can epitomise the eternal processes of the universe.

In this workshop, we will briefly explore and learn the different schools of ikebana, their styles and principles. The outcome of this workshop does not follow strictly on any ikebana schools. It is a chance to learn and foster your imagination and creativity within while working with seasonal flowers.

The workshop is in English and Finnish.

What’s included:
– All materials and tools to create your own ikebana inspired arrangement.

Welcome to take part in this creative session! It’s a perfect gift for friends and all loved ones!