Kokedama Workshop




1.12.2023 18.00-19.00
25.1.2024 15.00-16.00
14.3.2024 15.00-16.00

Venue Address: Hämeentie 2B, 00530 Helsinki
The workshop is in Finnish and English.

Kokedama (苔玉), or “moss ball”, is a garden plant ornament originated from Japan. By making a kokedama we are able to create a natural growing environment for many plants. In addition the process of making kokedamas is relaxing and calming.
During the workshop, we will guide everyone to make two kokedamas with suitable plants. The ticket includes everything that’s needed for making the two kokedamas. (If you want to bring your own plant and make it into a kokedama, you can pay an extra 5 euros for the moss at the workshop.)
We will also discuss plants suitable for kokedama making and give tips for caring for them at home. It is an easy-going and fun session to get together with friends and create something beautiful with your own hands.

Tea and light refreshment will be served during the workshop.
Welcome to take part in the creative session of kokedama making!



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1.12.2023 18.00-19.00, 25.1.2024 15.00-16.00, 14.3.2024 15.00-16.00