Dry Flower


We are really excited to launch our first dry flower arrangement workshop!

Dry flowers are very special materials to work with. Much can be learnt from them, about aging and about appreciating flowers as a whole cycle of life.

Their unique shapes, textures and colours draw us into a timeless world where the mind can drift and travel. It is an all-sense experience for the eyes, hands and nose. They last really long and in that sense, a more sustainable choice as well. 

During the workshop, we will share with you how to make dry flower arrangements with chicken wire mechanics in a ceramic pot. Chicken wire is one of the best and most useful techniques for arranging both fresh and dry flowers; since it’s reusable, it is so far one of the few sustainable ways to do arrangements in floristry. You will also learn about some fundamental principles for arranging flowers, and differences between dry and fresh flower arrangement. 


This is the perfect time to create something with them, have them at home to bring up a cosy and wintery atmosphere. It could be a very unique Christmas present for someone special too!

Welcome to invite families or friends to join and get warmed up with us for the exciting season yet to come!

Here’s the details of the workshop:

Detail and ticket:

– Time: 25.11.2021. 18.00-20.00
– Venue: Mu Filosofia Hämeentie 2B 00530
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– What’s included:

    1. Flower materials needed for the arrangement; 95% of all the dry flower materials are naturally dried ourselves at Mu.
    2. ceramic pot for the arrangement and the chicken wire mechanics inside; all the tools will be available.

We will start by a short intro about dry flowers and how to work with them, which will be followed by a demo and a making session. A cup of glögi will be served during the workshop; finished work including the pot can be taken home.