What is the easiest way to start and find flowers for my day? 

We all have beautiful memories of flowers, either from childhood or a more recent period. Starting to find a favorite or meaningful flower of yours is the best. Brainstorming by finding inspiring photos or making a moodboard of your own can help a lot as well. If you know the venue and other details of the wedding day, that will also help to figure out how to work on the flower part. You can either have a simple sketch or describe them to us, and we can guide you from there.


What would you recommend for a simple, meadow style bridal bouquet?

Having foliages in the bouquet will instantly give a natural feeling. A combination of different sizes and shapes of the flowers help to achieve the “gathered-from-a-garden” feeling.


What is the design you specifically like and recommend?

It’s hard to say one perfect match for all. We are inspired by the abundance of natural landscapes; meadow fields, lakes, the sea, mountains, different seasons, and different climates from boreal to tropic. We are also inspired by the diversity of human and human characters. Our favorite is freestyle which is aesthetically natural, simple, and relaxed, but we believe the best floral design is natural and naturally YOU, because each of us is unique. In terms of flowers, we try to source our flowers as local and as near as possible so that it has less carbon footprint.

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